Saul Robbins

These unique “photographic drawings” are rooted in personal and physical experience, especially those related to loss, unity, failure, and the latent potential residing in personal history and traditional photographic materials. The process of their creation relies on the serendipitous interdependence between paper and chemistry, exposure and lack thereof, light and shadow, chance encounters, risk-taking, and the alchemy inherent in traditional photographic processes.

While developed in a traditional RA-4 color processor and chemistry, these pieces are not processed in accordance with any manufacturers instructions for archival permanence. Traces of un-fixed and un-washed chemistry may still be present on the image and any changes in color and density over time are intentional.

These pieces range in size from 10x8 in (25x20 cm) to 70x32 in (177.8x81.28 cm), including the following: