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Saul Robbins

Insula* is an inquiry into light and space, an exploration of interior environments and their rendering on paper. These images are a record of meandering with camera, and of my observations while doing so. They are an investigation into memory and emotional response as they pertain to physical surroundings, with a greater interest in examining than defining the results. Seeking to reference the quiet, sensorial experience and perception of physical space, Insula reflects my desire to let the camera float in space rather than be tied down, to consider what happens physically to light, space, and time when left to fend for themselves.

* According to The New York Times, (February, 2007) the insula is a receiving zone whose function is to read the physiological state of the entire body. Generating subjective feelings and responding actions, the insula helps keep the body in a state of internal balance. This neglected region of the frontal brain could shed crucial understanding on what it feels like to be human, insights that emerged after neuroscientists developed the notion that rational thinking cannot be separated from feelings and emotions.