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Saul Robbins

While working on Initial Intake many distractions caught my attention, usually out of the client - practitioner sight line. Many are presented here for greater scrutiny or consideration. I also began photographing in the offices of child psychotherapists, drawn to the toys, settings, and playthings used to diagnose and treat young children.

Regarding child therapy, I remain fascinated by the indirect communication that takes place between therapist and child during their sessions, much of it while playing. Using board games, dolls, toys, and one's imagination, complex issues are identified, addressed, and resolved, often times with little specific verbal discussion. What to the layperson may seem like playing, is, for the skilled therapist, a glimpse into the inner workings of the child-client relationship. The practitioner's role becomes that of translator and interpreter, and while deciphering the subtleties of this working environment the metaphors of play are more readily expressed, understood, and best of all, resolved.